There is Nothing Mini About These Plans


On Thursday morning, our Partial Season Plans went on sale.  As soon as the clock struck 10, and tickets were officially available, the phones started ringing off the hook.  By lunchtime, hundreds of tickets had been sold and plans were moving rather briskly.   For all of us in the office, it was a very exciting day.    After months of what would have to be described as anything but normal, it was good to return to business as usual. 

People seem to be excited about the new Partial Season Plan offerings, and are especially enthused about the new exclusive giveaway options that are being offered.  I’ve seen the preliminary sketches of the “Cyclones at the Movies” bobblehead series, and I think fans are really going to like them.  It’s not your ordinary bobblehead.  It won’t be a former Cyclone in a baseball uniform swinging a bat or throwing a pitch.  Instead it’s going to take some of the most popular players in Cyclones history off the field and into the entertainment world.  I think once fans get to see these designs, fans will scoop these plans up quickly.  Recently there has been a twitter trend for of fans coming up with movie titles that include the Mets in some way, shape or form (#Metsmovies).  My favorites so far have been “The Empire Strikes Backman,” “Thoroughly Modern Mazzilli,” “Duda, Where’s my Car” and “The Gooden, The Bad and The Ugly.”  Our bobbleheads will be along those lines.  (Brandon Nimmo – I wonder what movie we could connect to him?)

But as you consider purchasing (or have already purchased) a Partial Season Plan, keep in mind that these weren’t just thrown together haphazardly.  There are weeks of discussions, months of planning, and in some cases even years of research that we focus on.  For example, over the years “The Weekend Plan” has been the most popular with fans.  Last year, we included Friday games in this plan and thanks to feedback from our fans, we discovered that your preference was for “The Weekend Plan” to include just Saturdays and Sundays.   You asked for it, and you got it.  This years version of “The Weekend Plan” is the “Day at the Beach Plan.”  This package features just Saturday and Sunday games and included the additional perks of a beach towel, travel cooler, beach bucket and beach bag.

What else did we hear from our fans?  They love our promotional giveaways, but then often found that they had already been completely distributed by the time they arrived at MCU Park.  We hated hearing that, because our Full Season and Partial Season Plan holders are the people who make the biggest commitment to us, so obviously we hate to disappoint them.  So we came up with our new philosophy of plan holder only giveaways.  This year with our three, five-game plans, every time you come to the ballpark you are GUARANTEED to get your giveaway.  Whether you show up when the gates open, or in the third inning, we will have a giveaway item specifically put aside for you.

Last but not least, we heard that too often our mini plans had three “good” games and a couple of games that were tough to fit into their schedule.  This one we partially agreed with because there are only 38 Cyclones games every year.  Which means that EVERY night is a “good” game at MCU Park.  But the spirit of the comment made sense.  Fans want Fireworks nights, they want weekends so they don’t have to race to the ballpark from work, they want games when we play the Staten Island Yankees because everyone loves the rivalry.  So what did we do?  We adapted from what had been done in the past.  When you look at the plans, most games that were included are weekend contests (No need to rush from work), firework shows (Who doesn’t love fireworks?) or games against “that other team from across the bridge.”

All in all, we are extremely excited about these Partial Season Offerings.  Frankly, I think they are head and shoulders above the plans we have done in the past.  The giveaway items are going to be top notch all the way around.  I’ve even heard from fans who are purchasing all three plans, just to make sure they don’t miss out on any of these exclusive giveaways. 

And for anyone out there who wants to come out to our weekday games, don’t worry we have something planned for you too.  Mondays will be more meaningful than ever, and Wednesday’s will be the most affordable evening of baseball that you can get ANYWHERE in the tri-state area.  But more to follow on those topics in the weeks to come. 

—Billy H.